Prediction of Sexual Functioning in Women Based on sexual shame and Sexual Dysfunctional Beliefs

Document Type : Original Article


1 Azad university of marand

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, School of Humanities, Mazandaran University, Mazandaran, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Sexual shame and dysfunctional sexual beliefs are very important in sexual relationships. Therefore, the present research was conducted with the aim of predicting sexual performance based on sexual shame and ineffective sexual beliefs. This study was of a descriptive-correlation type, and by using the available sampling method, 400 women working in the administrative departments of the universities of Tabriz were selected. Data by means of the sexual function questionnaire (female sexual function inventory-2004); Sexual Shame Inventory-2021 and Sexual Dysfunctional Beliefs Questionnaire-2003 were collected and analyzed simultaneously using Pearson correlation and multiple regression. There is a negative and significant relationship between the general index of women's sexual performance and all components of sexual shame and ineffective sexual beliefs (p<0.05). Among the examined components, all sexual shame components and some components of sexual dysfunctional beliefs (body image, emotional priority and maternal priority) had the ability to predict sexual performance and explained 63% of its variance. The results showed that sexual shame and having ineffective sexual beliefs lead to the weakening of sexual performance. Considering dysfunctional sexual beliefs and signs of sexual shame to diagnose and treat sexual problems requires effective conceptualization.